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Exercise Changes Our Gut Microbiome & Insulin Sensitivity (In A Good Way)

Previous studies found that exercise may improve gut microbial abundance and/or diversity, which was confirmed by the findings of this more current study. The researchers found that regular exercise lead to “modest” gains in the abundance of three particular types (genera) of probiotics found in the gut (Ruminococcus gauvreauii, Lachnospiraceae FCS020, and Anaerostipes), which all call the Firmicutes phylum their home.

More uniquely to this research, they found that over the eight weeks there was a “marked” improvement in the participants insulin sensitivity (i.e. how the body’s cells respond to insulin). Having a higher insulin sensitivity means the body can use glucose better, and as a result can keep blood sugars normalized and stable. That mechanism is key to metabolic health throughout life.

According to the study, the next step for research will be finding out what mechanisms lead to this association between exercise, improvements in insulin sensitivity dynamics, and gains in key gut microbiota.

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