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Everything To Know About Chinese Astrology’s Fiercest Zodiac Sign

According to both Cho and Lin, Tigers are most compatible with Horses, Dogs, and Pigs. As Lin explains, “They relate well with each other and are always honest, open, and motivated by idealism,” adding, “If you are a Tiger and want to find your best friends, […] find yourself some Horse and Dog friends.”

As far as incompatibility, Tigers may have some difficulty getting along with Monkeys. “If you meet a Monkey and are generally irritated by their ways of being, see what characteristics they have that you can learn and grow from,” Lin says.

Generally speaking, though, Tigers are loyal in their relationships, but can also become possessive and jealous. As such, Lin says it’s important for Tigers to check that jealousy and let their partner know when they need reassurance. Tigers also appreciate plenty of space and freedom within their relationships.

Because Tigers can be so solitary, Cho adds that it’s a good idea for them to ask themselves if they’re being too solitary, or inversely, if they need some alone time in the name of self-care.

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