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Do You Have A Praise Kink? Read These Phrases & See How You Feel

“A praise kink is a predisposition one has to draw erotic pleasure or excitement by either receiving or giving praise to a partner,” explains Kyle Zrenchik, Ph.D., LMFT, ACS, a couples’ and sex therapist and clinical director at ALL IN Therapy Clinic in Minneapolis. “Someone with a praise kink ‘gets off’ by showering or being showered with praise, compliments, and attention.”

In general, a kink is anything that is particularly arousing for a person, particularly things or sexual behaviors that are considered nonnormative. Praise kinks are reasonably common, says Zrenchik, since “praise as a mechanism for pleasure” is widespread. That said, he prefers to see kinks as lying on a spectrum rather than a binary–that is, it’s a little simplistic to say that everyone either absolutely has or absolutely does not have a praise kink.

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