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Did You Hear? This Thanksgiving-Approved Food Is A+ For Hair Growth

First, Turegano says you can apply it as an overnight scalp treatment: “Apply to the scalp and leave on. You can wash it off the next day,” she comments. While you’re at it, give your scalp a lovely massage to really stimulate those follicles–the simple pleasure can encourage blood flow to the area, delivering oxygen and hair-healthy nutrients.

Or, she says, you can use her easy shower-time hack: Add three to five drops of pumpkin seed oil to your shampoo before massaging it into your scalp, leave it on for five minutes, then rinse out thoroughly before conditioning. “I find that way is easier and not as messy,” she explains. It’s the same hack she swears by for rosemary oil–same trick, different hair-healthy solution.

But let’s say, days ago, you’ve already added rosemary oil to your go-to bottle of shampoo–what then? Not to fret: Turegano says pumpkin seed oil and rosemary play well together. Simply add some pumpkin seed to the mix and proceed.

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