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Curious About Beekeeping? Here’s What It Actually Takes To Get Started

There are two main ways to get your (bee suit-protected) hands on thousands of bees at once. First, you can buy a bee package from a company like Mann Lake or Dadant. These screened boxes filled with a queen bee and her started colony get delivered right to your door. However, Hardison notes, it’ll take a while for your bees to acclimate to your hive and start building out frames of honey in their new home. “With that route, you’re probably not going to get honey the first year,” she says.

The other option is to connect with a beekeeper in your area and ask if they have any “nucs” for sale. A nuc, short for nucleus colony, is a starter hive that bees have already built out. “Those are not just a box with bees in it; they’re actual frames with brood, pollen, nectar, eggs, larva, everything,” Hardison says. So while a nuc may be a little bit harder to find, it’ll let you start cultivating honey much faster, likely within a few months.

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