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Building A Pillow Fort Can Actually Help You Sleep Better (Swear!)

Wine didn’t mention this exactly, but we’d assume he relies on this pillow fort to help him sleep on his back–this sleep position allows the spine to be aligned and supported, which is the optimal posture for deep, uninterrupted sleep. “A strong sleep posture allows these natural curves to be maintained throughout the night: no crunching at your neck, no sagging of your lower back, no torquing of your middle back,” board-certified sleep specialist Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., once told us about the sleep position. “For these curves to fall naturally during sleep, the whole body must be supported,” he adds. Like, say, with a fortress of pillows.

That said, you can achieve spinal alignment sleeping on your side–you just may need an adequately supportive pillow that can adjust to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulder. In addition to a pillow under your head, experts recommend placing one between your knees to ensure your lower spine isn’t twisted and one next to you to rest your top arm on–so your shoulders aren’t twisting or crouching in a way that could leave you with a neck kink. Regardless, you might not want to sleep on your stomach if you can help it, as your head is likely cranked to one side, which puts stress on the ligaments of the neck.

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