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Are Your Blue Blockers *Actually* Working? How To Tell + One Mistake To Avoid

Stillman, generally, is a fan of blue blockers: He deems them a solid solution to screens whose color temperature we can’t necessarily control (like the blue light from televisions or laptops, as opposed to the bulbs in your home). With an overwhelming number of options on the market, he offers a simple guideline for choosing a good pair: “The easy test for [finding out] how good a pair of blue blockers is: Do they make blue lights disappear?

Seems obvious (shouldn’t blue light blockers, um, block blue light?), but he says many options do not knock out the hue completely. You can test this by identifying a source of blue light in the environment, like those from a fire truck or police car. When you put your blue blockers on, the blue color should disappear entirely. “I have a pair of Ra Optics on my desk in front of me,” he notes. “I can look at a police car, and the blue lights disappear when I’m wearing these glasses.”

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