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An Easy Way To Make This Year’s Friendsgiving Even More Delightful

If you’re wondering how we got to this point in a Friendsgiving article without really giving food advice, it’s because you should take it as a chance to just cook whatever you want! But if you decide to bring the flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving with you, be it on a hike or to a picnic, there are a few ways to make it easier to transport.

“Nothing will ever beat a Thanksgiving sandwich,” say Lopez. “I recommend you use high quality bread like sourdough, or a fresh made French roll from a bakery you trust. Layer the sandwich with cranberry sauce, and mash potatoes like you would mayo and mustard. Then top with a few slices of smoked Turkey breast and stuffing. Finish off the sandwich with a light drizzle of gravy or good quality olive oil. For those who love spice, add a few canned pickled jalapenos.”

Not a sandwich person? Lopez recommends making some simple char-grilled veggies with a fun sauce, serving a few snacking style dips with fresh veggies and healthy crackers, and noshing on sweet potato chips and spiced energy bars along the way.

However you decide to bring your Friendsgiving to life this year, remember that an outdoor setting might just bring a little extra joy and beauty to your festivities.

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