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An Astrologer’s Guide To Nailing Thanksgiving Week 2021

“Holding it in” is rarely a good look for anyone, but ever since messenger Mercury slipped into Scorpio’s chamber of secrets on November 5, pursed lips and strained expressions have been on display everywhere. Ready to release that tension? Good news: Wednesday kicks off an impassioned cycle that will churn up long-overdue discussions and lively debates.

At last! You’ll know where everyone stands and clue them into your own perspective, too. Yes, it will be a huge relief to call it like you see it–but don’t forget a few all-important tactics, like diplomacy and timing. That goes double for anyone gathering with family this week. Disagreements are natural, but make a point to share your perspective in a way that honors people rather than humiliates them. Novel idea: How about working out conflicts with a legit conversation instead of on your Twitter thread or around the family dinner table?

That said, if everyone in the group is up for a proactive, philosophical exploration, there’s no reason not to have a Thanksgiving think tank. Set some ground rules, like “only one person talks at a time” and “no personal insults.” When defending your principles, remember Mercury-in-Sagittarius’ finest offering: the gift of humor. Mark Twain, who was born under this star sign, famously said that the human race, “has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

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