Adjust Your Routine to “Spring Forward”

adjust your routine

I don’t know about you, but I really love my sleep and the whole “springing forward” thing just feels cruel. 

Well, no matter what we think, it’s coming for us on March 13th. Yep, the day before we start our Spring Slim Down Challenge

The transition can be tough, but I want to share my secrets to help you adjust your routine to “spring forward” so you can feel your best and crush Spring Slim Down!

Before You Spring Forward

Create a Solid Night Routine:

I start my night routine 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep

It always starts with my Slumber Party Sleep Boost which supports a healthy sleep cycle.

Then I like to stretch, read and meditate to help calm my body and mind. 

The goal is to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day and get 7-8 hours. It’s one of the most underrated, but most important parts of seeing results!

When you get enough sleep you will:

Reduce cravingsBurn more caloriesBuild more lean muscleImprove energy & performanceReduce cortisol (stress hormone that can lead to weight gain!)

Adjust Your Wake Up Time

I know I just said you want to wake up at the same time daily, but before we spring forward you’re gonna want to wake up a little earlier.

Adjust your alarm 15-20 minutes earlier a few days before. On Saturday, set it back an additional 15-20 minutes. This will help you ease into the time change and avoid feeling like a tired pigeon all day.

Have a Morning Routine

Schedule your workouts first thing in the morning & plan a way to celebrate yourself for doing it (ie coffee time!)

It might feel tough at first, but you’ll only be more tired later in the day this week! Your goals will thank you!

Get Outside

Sunlight impacts our circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) and getting a little extra vitamin D will help you feel less tired.

Plus, your SSD Challenge App workouts can be done anywhere so take it outside gf!

LSF Virtual Slumber Party

If you’re looking for some extra sleep tips and FUN I’m hosting a virtual Slumber Party in honor of Sleep Awareness Week this month! Grab those PJs and join me for an extra special guided meditation, Slumber Party recipe making, allll the girl talk, games and more! 

All you have to do to get access to this exclusive event is purchase Slumber Party any time before March 14th & your invite and registration link will be emailed directly to you! 

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