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A Protein- & Fiber-Packed Soup For Spring (Groundbreaking!)

When you hear the phrase “soup season” cold winter days likely come to mind. But Ali Slagle, recipe developer, New York Times contributor, and author of the new cookbookI Dream Of Dinner (So You Don’t Have To), is here to put an end to that stereotype. Why should soup be siloed to one season?

Her new book features a “lentil soup on spring break” recipe, which provides all the comfort of a hearty bowl of soup, with the bright flavors of springtime.

The fiber- and protein-packed green lentils make up the base of the soup, which is flavored with the citrusy zing of lemon and fennel seeds. As far as produce goes, the world (well, the supermarket) is your oyster. Feel free to grab any spring veggies of your choosing: Slagle suggests a mix of snap peas, snow peas, and green beans. We think thinly shaved asparagus would be a great addition, too.

If you’re not craving it now, keep her recipe bookmarked for “when your brain knows it’s spring, but your heart still says ‘soup,'” says Slagle.

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