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A Juicy 12-Minute Routine To Stretch Out Your Spine & Release Shoulder Tightness

While various backbends can be met with tension and strain, just like in all the flows I’m sharing this month (check out my Hard Things With Ease and Balance with Ease) I encourage you to approach these poses with calm and softness.

Here, I’m thrilled to take you through a routine that’s all about easing into backbends. During this flow, whenever you find yourself in a tense place, simply breath deeply, allowing those tight points to release. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a more centered, balanced place.

We’ll start slow, then begin to work our way up to more challenging backbends. After you complete this flow, notice how these poses make you feel. Perhaps you’ll feel more open, energized, or some entirely different emotion. Whatever you experience, remember to take that vitality and ease into the rest of your day.

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