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A Game-Changing Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Is Here To Shake Things Up

The Taurus full moon arrives during Scorpio season each year to anchor you during an astrologically intense time. Are you feeling ungrounded? Anxious for no discernible reason? Earthy Taurus can get your feet back on terra firma. It can make you strong and stable enough to alchemize all the mystical Scorpionic visions into tangible form.

But first, get ready to weather a few last unexpected shake-ups. The 2021 Taurus full moon is a game-changing lunar eclipse. It could bring a metaphoric earthquake before you find steady ground. Don’t wait for change to happen to you. Get proactive! What unproductive habits might be holding you back? Where have you been failing to appreciate the comforts you have–or to value the folks who are important to you?

The 2021 Taurus full moon (at 3:58 a.m. EST on Friday, November 19) could bring some eye-opening reminders to pay attention to everything you’ve been taking for granted.

The Algonquin tribes and early colonial Americans called November’s lunation the Beaver Moon because, in North America, it was the last chance to set beaver traps before the water froze. This week, put an infrastructure in place to “capture” a dream you’ve been hunting since the Taurus new moon six months ago. Don’t tiptoe–this full moon gives you permission to open the throttle. Just remember to take the curves with Taurean precision and pragmatism.

Here are six ways the 2021 Taurus full moon helps you sway with the winds of change instead of getting swept away by every gale force:

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