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A Dream Teacher Breaks Down The Top 3 Barriers Between You & Lucid Dreams

Deepening your mindfulness practice in your waking life can help you recognize a dream for a dream. Simple practices like coming back to the present moment as often as you can, focusing on one thing fully at a time, eating more mindfully, and actually paying attention to your surroundings can all help.

The more mindful that you are, the easier it will then become to recognize anomalies in dreams, which in turn can trigger lucidity. For example, if you find yourself at your office desk, you may notice that in your dream, the table is made of mahogany wood. But in your waking life, the desk is actually made of plastic. That simple recognition of something being ‘out of place’ can then help you recognize that you are dreaming. You can then begin the process of asking yourself: am I dreaming right now?

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