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A Daily Habit To Become More Emotionally Intelligent, From A Psychologist

This first step, which tends to improve the EQ components of self-knowledge, self-control, and self-growth motivation, focuses on self-reflection.

For example, if you’re feeling deeply stuck in your romantic relationship, you may be so confused that you don’t know what you really want or truly deserve. To unravel the situation and make an emotionally intelligent decision on what to do next, you must first make space to self-reflect. That might look like journaling, meditating, or sitting in quiet to nonjudgmentally reflect on what’s taking place.

The more space you make for your own experiences, the more self-knowledge you will accrue. So, when you pause to self-reflect, allow your thoughts and feelings to flow. You may need to repeat this process several times before gaining the clarity you want and need.

As you make time to be with yourself in quiet, objective self-reflection, you’ll also find that you become less reactive and more self-controlled; this will lead to a greater sense of personal empowerment. As well, the fruits of your self-reflection will naturally foster greater self-growth; you will feel yourself developing more fully over time.

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