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A 5-Minute Astrology Mapping Practice To Find Your True Purpose

The north node is the primary factor that reveals someone’s dharma or destiny. The north node relates to the moon’s orbit, and it is a point, not a planetary body. The moon is connected to our past; it is a keeper of memories and serves as a timer in astrology–bringing things into and out of focus.

The north node relates to where we are going in this life. The south node, 180 degrees opposite the north node, relates to where we’ve come from–in past lives and earlier in this life. The south node reflects the mastery we’ve achieved. It can also reveal weaknesses. If there are planets next to your south node, you came into this life with the talents (and challenges) suggested by those planets.

The sign of the south node expresses your “default” mode, and the north node shows the way you are evolving. By the time you are 18.5 (the age of your first nodal return, when the north node in the sky returns to its birth position), you will be tapping into the energy of your north node. You begin waking up to your potential, separate from who you were as a child (and in a past life).

An important thing to understand about the nodes is that they stay in the same sign for 1.5 years. Everyone born within a 1.5-year period has the same nodes. These individuals form a soul cohort, working on similar themes.

Because the north node is not highly specific, thelocationof the node is important. It indicates how someone’s destiny manifests, so you’ll want to locate which house your north node falls in. (Here’s a refresher on how to find out.)

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