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8 Easy Ways To Make Your Shower Smell Like A Spa

So you want the full-on aromatherapy experience but you’re not trying to spend too much time or money to get there; we hear you. Here’s a simple option: adding essential oil drops to your shower directly. The same rules apply when it comes to choosing your desired scent profile–relaxing, stimulating, sinus-clearing, what have you–but now you just have to select the oils.

Before you turn the shower on, place a few drops of your oils in the corners of your shower where the water flow is minimal. This way you’ll reap the benefits of the oils for longer since they won’t wash down the drain. All you have to do is, well, enjoy! The oils will diffuse as the hot water hits the floor and steam fills the air. You can even keep your oils in the shower if you want to add more throughout your rinse.

This method is to the point and extremely customizable. If one day you’re looking for stronger scents for an aromatic experience, add more oils. But if you’re looking for something subtle then stick to fewer drops. All the pleasure, without the fuss.

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