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7 Incredible Things That Happen When You Start Taking A Quality Multivitamin*

Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, all of which play crucial roles in supporting bone and muscle health, are all considered nutrients of concern, meaning many of us don’t get even close to enough of them. Unfortunately, these nutrients are often “fairy-dusted” into multivitamin formulas, if not left out completely (specifically referring to calcium and magnesium), according to Ferira.*

Of course, other micronutrients–including vitamin K2 and minerals zinc, iron, selenium, silica, copper, boron, and manganese–also support bone density, quality, and strength.* And as it turns out, “A comprehensive multivitamin that includes this diverse array of trace minerals and the K2 form of vitamin K is a rarity,” Ferira adds.

The simple to-do here: To support nutritional sufficiency–and musculoskeletal and joint health–with a comprehensive daily multi.*

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