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5 Ways To Heal Your Inner Child & Stand In Your Power As An Adult

As you can tell from the previous suggestions, the loving inner adult plays a vital role in healing your inner child’s fears and pain, and therefore is a big piece to your sense of empowerment.

The louder the inner adult is, the more powerful you feel. Power in this case may not look like the patriarchal definition that you are used to. It can look like: telling your boss why you deserve a raise, refusing to help your brother move again, and finally ditching your ex.

One way to access your inner loving adult is to get familiar with an attitude of curiosity toward yourself. You know that feeling when you meet someone new and you want to know everything about them? Try putting your hand on your heart and directing that same energy toward your inner child when they’re feeling hurt. Imagine that whatever pain you’re feeling (that’s your inner child) is outside of you and get curious about it. What does it need?

The more you do that, the louder that inner parent voice will be, and the more empowered you will feel.

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