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5 Things To Remember When Decluttering, From Organization Experts

Organizing your cleaning products? Yep, we’re going there. As green-cleaning expert Tonya Harris tells mbg, cleaning products are an area of your home that can get away from you quickly. They wind up all over the house, some are probably expired, “and not only that, but we really don’t need as many cleaning products as we often believe we do,” she says.

So, she recommends making a point to go through the cleaning products you have, getting rid of expired products or ones you never really use. Just make sure that when it comes to harsher cleaning products, you’re disposing of them safely and properly.

“Offer them to friends and neighbors to see if they have any use for them, go to to see if any local organizations can use the products, or call your local sanitation department to see if there is a hazardous waste disposal program in your area,” she adds.

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