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5 Psychologist-Approved Habits To Keep Holiday Drama Out Of Your Relationship

When plans and holiday agendas seem to go awry, relationship drama can quickly unfold. But rather than letting situations grab ahold of you in damaging ways, practice reframing a seemingly negative situation into a positive. This simple (if sometimes challenging) habit can instantly transform a would-be disaster into an act of positive, loving acceptance.

For example, if a snowstorm halts your holiday travel plans or the turkey dinner is burned to a crisp, the stage might be set for relationship rancor. Yet, if you pause to reframe the issue into the positive, you’ll be on top of the one thing you can control: your response to the situation. By shifting a negative thought to a positive response, the snowstorm becomes an opportunity for increased couple time at home, and the burned dinner drama gives you a chance to order in Chinese food or a no-fuss pizza.

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