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4 Ways This Nutrient Supports Healthy Aging, Every Step Of The Way

What does that mean, exactly? Telomeres are the chromosomal tips that protect our DNA from stressors. Evidence indicates that telomere length is a marker for biological aging, and the longer your telomeres, the greater your longevity.

This study highlights the importance of increasing your omega-3 index, as it may help you live a longer and healthier life. The omega-3 index is a useful blood test co-invented by William Harris, Ph.D., FAHA, that assesses your omega-3 status. A higher omega-3 index is associated with better heart health and cardiometabolic parameters.

In 2021, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (and co-authored by Harris) put omega-3 status and longevity to the test. The goal of the study was to analyze the lifestyle habits and omega-3 levels of people with heart-health concerns over 11 years to determine the impact they have on life expectancy. While there were a number of lifestyle factors at play throughout the study that also affect longevity, the results indicated there is, in fact, a clear correlation between higher omega-3 levels and living long lives.*

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