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4 MD-Approved Ways To Support Digestion On Vacation (Bye-Bye, Bloat!)

It’s inevitable that your diet will change when you’re away from home–and key supplements can be a great option for not just filling in nutritional gaps but also functionally helping to support regularity.* “Bring along magnesium citrate, which causes water to get pulled into the gut and the gut to contract, leading to bowel movements, and insoluble fiber, which works by bulking up the stool and allowing it to pass more easily,” suggests Trubow.

For prioritizing your gut health on the daily (yes, even after vacation), mbg’s probiotic+ is an excellent option for easing bloating, promoting smooth digestion, and even supporting optimal gut health.* Complete with 32 billion CFU of live bacteria spanning four clinically studied strains, this probiotic can make sure your gut microbiome is getting the nourishment it needs.*

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