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3 Underrated Hacks For Enhancing A Dewy Glow Year-Round*

Take a cue from your wardrobe and start layering your comfiest products–skin care products, that is. Sandwiching hydrating formulas means you’re able to target the different layers of the skin, as well as trap all that moisture with a barrier on top. For example, I love to first apply a light humectant serum on damp skin to help hold and retain water. Grown Alchemist’s Instant Smoothing Serum contains three different weights of hyaluronic acid, so it’s able to penetrate multiple epidermal layers. I top that with a whip-thick face cream (Burt’s Bees Truly Glowing Gel Cream has been hitting the spot lately), and then top it with Kora’s Noni Glow Face Oil to create an oil-slick shield that keeps all the water in and irritants out.

An important note (and word of caution!) the products you’re layering should only be of the hydrating kind. Potent actives like retinol, BHAs, AHAs, vitamin C, and even gentler options like niacinamide don’t always play well together. Not only can they be truly irritating on the skin when used together, but they can even deactivate each other–rendering each formula less effective or even useless.

So when I talk about layering skin care, I’m only talking about the hydrating and fortifying kind. Keep the rest simple.

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