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3 Surprising Reasons Hormones Are Messing With Your Skin Health

We talk about endocrine disrupting chemicals a lot here, as they’re pretty pervasive. So pervasive, in fact, that it can feel like a needless and overwhelming task to avoid them. (I get it! I often feel the same way!)

But as Cates tells us, “Our bodies are amazingly well-equipped to handle a lot of these toxins. The problem is that we’re exposed to more of these now than we’ve ever been,” she says, noting that, yes some of these are unavoidable (pollution in our air and soil, for example).

But there are small choices we can make daily to help limit this from happening, such as opting for cleaner personal care formulas. “When balancing your hormones, focus on the day-to-day, Don’t worry too much about an occasional exposure to an [endocrine disruptor] that you can’t control,” she says.

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