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3 Myths We’ve Busted On Vitamin C (Prepare To Be Floored)

The final myth, Ferira says, is that you only need vitamin C sometimes. If you feel fine, you can do without it–this mindset is completely false. In fact, 42% of the U.S. adult population is living with vitamin C insufficiency, and almost half are failing to get enough vitamin C from their food each day. Even for those who do take a supplement, 33% of American adults are still falling short of their needs.

And yet, Ferira often hears people say I look fine, I feel fine. I don’t see the need. It’s a common pattern with vitamin D, omega-3s, and multivitamins as well–if you don’t notice anything wrong, what’s the point? Well, vitamin C is one of those nutrients that can easily catch you off-guard. For example, my wife and mbg co-founder and co-CEO, Colleen, found out she had extraordinarily low levels of vitamin C. “As a healthy eater, I was shocked last year to find out from my doctor that I had hypovitaminosis C, aka vitamin C deficiency. It’s more common than you might think,” she previously shared.

Plus, taking vitamin C as needed (like, whenever you feel sniffly) is not exactly how nutrients and robust immune systems work. The most effective approach for supporting your immune health is to make sure you get enough vitamin C daily.* “While this sounds like a super-basic fact–that you need vitamin C every day–in practice, many people treat daily nutrient intake and nutritional sufficiency like something that just magically happens. In reality, it takes thought and effort,” Ferira once shared. Not too much effort, of course–popping a high-quality supplement can effectively raise the vitamin C levels in your body.*

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