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3 Lessons On Trauma & Vulnerability From Gabby Bernstein’s Latest Book

Gabby Bernstein’s name won’t be new to most spiritual circles. The motivational speaker, author, and host of the Dear Gabby podcast has penned nine books, appeared on countless stages, and received the praise of thought leaders from Deepak Chopra to Oprah. While you’re likely familiar with Bernstein already, her latest book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, reveals a new side of her.

The book chronicles some of the most difficult experiences of her life–from postpartum depression to a violent reckoning with repressed memories–and describes how they challenged every tool in her spiritual toolkit. It is a raw and vulnerable book that shows trauma’s ability to hijack the body and mind.

With each page, Bernstein shares the tools that helped her heal from these traumas; but not without first feeling them extremely deeply. “I hope to give you permission to face feelings you’ve buried deep, and give you guidance on how to heal from them,” she writes in the book’s introduction. It’s an important message for a time when so many of us are facing traumas of our own, and Bernstein calls it her greatest spiritual book of all. These are a few of the lessons I’m taking away from the powerful read, and its accompanying resources which include the illuminating “What’s Your Attachment Style Quiz.”

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