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3 Alfresco Activities To Inspire More Family Time This Summer

First things first: Fill a bag full of healthy snacks, water, electrolytes, and plenty of sun protection. Dehydration, a blood sugar breakdown, or too much sun can ruin a trip, so it’s important to keep our little ones hydrated, fed, and protected with a solid layer of sunscreen. Bare Republic is our go-to for water-resistant, adventure-proof sunscreen that’s safe for parents, kids, and the environment.

Our second tip is to map out some fun family activities for the hike. Challenging your kids to locate outdoor items such as specific types of flowers, leaves, insects, etc., will keep them engaged and excited about what’s to come. Another activity that’s good for the planet and your afternoon is a trash hunt. Equip your kids with a trash bag (and an optional pick-up stick) and encourage them to seek out trash along the way, promising a reward for whoever collects the most.

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