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14 Best Face Masks For Every Type Of Acne (Your Skin Will Thank You)

Masks are likely not part of your daily skin care routine, but they sure are a sweet treat for your complexion, whether you’re in need of extra hydration, brightness, or just a soothing, spa-grade experience. Some are even hailed for treating blemishes–with a bouquet of potent actives, many can prevent pesky breakouts from making their appearance in the first place. Sure, masks are technically considered a nice-to-have item (as opposed to a cleanser, which is a routine essential), but, man, are they nice to have–especially if you’re hoping to nix bumpy skin ASAP.

No matter the type of acne you’re dealing with (inflammatory pustules, blackheads, under-the-skin mounds), there’s a mask waiting for you to slather on. Find our best pimple-fighting picks below.

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