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12 Real People On Why This Beauty Supplement Is Worth The Hype

The appeal of word-of-mouth reviews is simple: getting the day-to-day experiences of those who actually take it, then chronicle the results and share that experience can help you, can help understand what the supplement might do for you in the short and long term. Getting ingredient dossiers and science-jargon is useful, but sometimes you just want someone to straight-up answer the question: Does this actually work?

And for mindbodygreen’s cellular beauty+, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. This vegan supplement contains potent doses of premium botanicals and phytochemicals clinically shown to support skin hydration, elasticity, smoothness, barrier function, and wrinkle reduction.* In the cutting-edge formula, you’ll find phytoceramides to support a healthy skin barrier structure; astaxanthin to preserve a healthy collagen layer; ubiquinol CoQ10 to promote skin cell “cleanup” (aka, getting rid of debris) and rejuvenation; and polyphenol-containing pomegranate whole fruit extract for photoprotection.*

These high-quality bioactives work together, and the result is nothing short of wow-worthy.*

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